Julia Henri

Selected Works

This is an overview of the first electric cars and how they were marketed.
A research librarian from Corning Museum of Glass stated that the history of glass blowing and American Christmas ornament manufacturing was changed after I discovered this lost article (with photographs) in a 1919 edition of Scientific American Magazine.
Over 40 hours of research, including interviews with 28 people documented the lost history of Michigan's early rustic furniture makers. Published in Michigan History Magazine as well as for 3 editions (East Coast, Central and West Coast) of Antique Week and The Auction Exchange, MidCountry Media, Indiana.
There was a time when driving was considered sport, regardless if the outing was a shopping excursion to the nearest town, or a Sunday afternoon picnic on the local beach. It also was essential to protect expensive clothing from the oil, dirt, mud, weather, insects and other mishaps associated with motoring along the way. Specialized clothing was required and in demand for decades. This article describes motoring apparel for men, women, and even children with rare images from the Automotive Research Library in Mesa, CA
Marilyn Monroe was named after Marilynn Miller. When she married playwright Arthur Miller, she became Marilyn Miller and the two actresses became eerily alike in more than just a shared name. This article explores the romantic, tragic life of the early Ziegfeld Follies superstar, actress and high fashion model. After countless hours of research, I have discovered the clues as to how the love of her life, Frank Carter, and the world's most expensive car in 1920 forever changed her destiny. The car, according to leading classic automobile experts today, is likely still in existence but has yet to be found. Article published by MidCountry Media with more extensive work in progress.
Food and Drink
Today we call them artisan cocktails. Back then they were called illegal. No matter what legislators try to impose in public, history proves that everyone enjoys a bit of the buzz. This article outlines concoctions served at speakeasies as well as teetotalers' teas where they enjoyed another kind of high from drinks made from excessively sugary syrups and strong caffeine.

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“I strive to grab the reader’s attention within the first few words and never let go. Every article has fundamental facts conveyed through an organized outline, but along the way I want readers to feel the heat, taste the dust in the air and smell the cookies baking in the oven. I never ignore seemingly mundane details that pop up in my research, because these often lead to moving and hopefully memorable narratives."

Julia Henri has been a staff writer for the Boston Herald, a stringer for the Associated Press and has worked in investigative and evidence reporting throughout the Boston area.

She also has an extensive background in the arts, outlined below.

Henri writes about history, food, fine art, antiques, and auctions. Every article is researched, photographed and documented for accuracy. She often references out-of-print antiquarian books and rare magazines from her personal library with materials that date as far back as the 18th century. She has reference to countless digital archives and never hesitates to find just the right expert to unearth answers or lost information.

Henri works in close collaboration with her editors to fulfill their requests. She carefully rewrites and edits copy before submission, and has a solid reputation for meeting calendared deadlines.

Julia Henri is not only a writer but also a professional photographer who stays current with the latest technology. She lives in her studio located in Ann Arbor, MI.

“I love my job. I go to work each and every day looking for unusual stories with interesting angles, twists, and hooks that will keep readers curious enough to read through to the very last word.”


Education and Experience:

Education: University of Cincinnati: College-Conservatory of Music: Violoncello and Piano Performance; Cincinnati, Ohio. University of Cincinnati: Journalism; Cincinnati, Ohio. Mount Ida College: Graphic Design, Business; Newton, Massachusetts. Massachusetts College of Art: Graphic Design & Illustration; Boston, Massachusetts. Continuing coursework at the University of California: Scientific Illustration; Santa Cruz, California. Interlochen School for the Arts: Computer Technology & Creative Writing; Interlochen, Michigan. On-going professional fine art coursework at important studios throughout the United States: Renaissance portraiture and figure studies, professional calligraphy, egg tempera, fresco, drawing, silverpoint, watercolor & gouache, pastel, oil painting and studio photography. Research and studies at Rare Mss. Dept. Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, France.

Also: College Intern & Seller under George Goodspeed, Goodspeed’s Bookshop at 7 Beacon Street, Boston, Massachusetts: Illuminated Manuscripts, Autographs & Mss., Americana, First Editions, Prints, Genealogy & Heraldry.

Professsional Member, The Author's Guild
Member Designation, International Society of Appraisers
Business Member, Costume Society of America
Member, National Press Photographers Association
Member, Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators

Instructor: Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, California: Classical Renaissance illumination & egg tempera painting, drawing, watercolor & gouache techniques, pastel. Private Studio instructor: Boston, Massachusetts and Los Gatos, California. Instructor of Fine Arts for the City of Los Gatos, Los Gatos, California. Instructor, Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, Michigan: Antiques & Collectibles Authentication, Identification & Appraising; Writing: Historical Non-Fiction & Personal Narratives.